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Our blogs will involve many types of technology and reach out to people all over.

Pilot Philip Wade's Blog

As pilot, Mr. Wade has a view on every part of the hot air balloon experience. He will attempt to provide a varied blog with lots of information. Yet, only you can create a dialogue and help make sure the information is interesting - leave a comment or send a message about what you would like to know. Click the "Contact" menu option at the top of this page to ask your question.

Crew Marenna's Blog

The most adventuresome of all the permanent crew, Marenna has flown more than anyone and has touched the tops of trees and had a hard landing in a farm field. The gentle ups and downs are nice also. A great photographer, she will capture many good shots as well as stories.

Crew Dhyana's Blog

All the loud burner sounds, large fan sounds, and the flowing envelope colors make for a very stimulating hot air balloon experience. Still learning what to do and not to do, Dhyana gives a very unique view on the whole experience.