"An exceptional experience for everyone!"

Many wonderful memories shared and re-experienced throughout a lifetime.

Partner Benefits

This unique opportunity will catch the eyes of tens of thousands of people and make lasting impressions. You will receive many high-impact benefits as well as many more long-lasting benefits. Of the many will be:

Business Promotion Events
Huge Hot Air Balloon Banner
Mobile Billboard
Cause Based Marketing
Community Presentations
Massive Internet Exposure
News Media Coverage

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Promotion Events

Increase new and unique customers with significant public awareness and advertising. Our Business Promotion Events allow for all of this with a substantial return on investment (ROI) and an increase in new visitors to your business resulting in new customers for repeat future business. To enter the drawing for a chance to win a hot air balloon tether ride and other prizes the community will come to your store to enter; to have additional entries they will purchase from your store, sign up for your social media, and more.

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A hot air balloon fundraising event with a raffle for many prizes is a wonderful way to grab the attention of the local community, increase funding, and make contacts for ongoing fundraising activities. We work with several charities in each city for one major fundraising event with 3,000 to 6,000 tickets at $20 each for a productive and exciting event. In addition to the event we offer other presentations and assistance. Our partners get to help the community and be acknowledged as a business worth visiting by new customers.

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Art Contest

The natural attraction and beauty of a hot air balloon is a colorful representation of the wonder of peaceful flight, boundless excitement, and shared peaceful experiences. Once our Washington tour begins, we will be accepting artwork through our website for the art contests. Prizes will be announced at the start of the tour and winners will be announced continuously. Keep up to date through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS, or email.

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Our long-term partners will benefit from all the many benefits of SomethinGgreat all around Washington at their various store locations. While some local businesses will be able to take advantage of the business promotion event benefits, our partners will always have this and many more benefits. Partners also help determine what locations around Washington will be able to experience SomethinGgreat. Click to read more about our partners.

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In addition to reaching out to bloggers established online in many different niche topics and geographic areas, our staff will continually chronicle the entire exciting hot air balloon times  from the differing perspectives of the Pilot, the Crew, and Hot Air Balloon Dog Dhyana. Guest blog writers – participants, observers, and partner’s employees – will appear regularly giving viewpoints of our activities and our partners.

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Sampling of Posts - hover to read excerpt and click a picture to read post.

Waiver Assumption Indemnification

Anyone who wishes to ride in the hot air balloon or volunteer to crew for the balloon...

Hot air balloon games tutorial

Two fun online hot air balloon games – target practice and splash and dash! This...

Why a hot air balloon business???

Why a hot air balloon business? Why would a middle-aged man learn to fly airplanes and a...

Hot air balloon trip and ocean visit

We went to Oregon for a hot air balloon reason, but decided to spend some time at the...

Hot air balloon inspection trip

My Dad hired a FAA certified inspector and repair person to go over everything of the...

Packing up and having fun

The whole balloon experience is fun and at the end of the flight is no different....

Crew set up safety

Although lots of fun, all set up tasks need to be done safely by the crew and...

Helping set up the hot air balloon

Lots of fun jobs to help set up the hot air balloon. Here is a short description of some...

Fun tasks of balloon set up

I enjoy all the different tasks to set up the balloon. Everything can be fun and safe....

Helping humans with balloon

As a puppy I could not help with everything, but I was watching and learning about all...

Hot air balloon training crew

First hot air balloon experience: fun, hot, loud, and weird. We got up so early to do...

Airplane Pilot Wade

Pilot Wade also flies single-engine airplanes with his family. There are two methods to...

California fun hot air balloon training

Early morning sunrises, burning desert 93 degree sun at 10:00 AM, and fun hot air...

Hot air balloon early morning training

Ballooning was dark and cold then got very hot. The weather on the mornings for...

Ropes put away – on the beach

Putting away hot air balloon ropes by daisy chaining is important to keep the ropes in...

Sequim September 04, 2012, Soaring Flight

 Hot air balloon soaring flight near Sequim, Washington traveling with 2 passengers. The...